1. Xavius Chinn says:

    If a owner is letting 10 or more people staying in his house for free, but the guest is attacking the 1guest that has a room to house, when it comes to threats of my life weapons being pull and used against me they are stealing from me and my mail aswell as selling/doin illegal drugs n the house. Phiscally attack me more then 4 times causing me to in up in the hospital and lose my job cuz of the time period of being off of work and etc. but not putting in the effort to handle the situation.And what is that called what is the next step? And what would that b called

    1. Xavius, it sounds like you’re in a very serious and unsafe situation. When guests in a home are engaging in illegal activities, stealing, and physically attacking you, it’s far beyond a simple matter of tenant rights—it’s a criminal matter. You need to prioritize your safety above all. Immediately contact local law enforcement to report the threats, attacks, and illegal activities. Document everything as best as you can. Since you’re dealing with criminal behavior, the homeowner’s failure to address the situation makes it imperative for you to seek legal advice and protection. Consider reaching out to local legal aid organizations for guidance on how to proceed, especially since you’ve suffered significant personal and financial harm. Your next steps should focus on ensuring your safety and seeking justice for the wrongs you’ve endured.

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