1. I was illegally evicted by my landlord. They changed the lock, threw away all of my belongings, and we’re aided by LAPD. I requested proper papework – Nothing.
    I cited the law and presented my contract to the officers present – nothing. I paid $8,180 and have the contract, invoice, video with all documentation an ISO legal HELP, still nothing.
    What should I do? Or will the law continue to be broken, my rights violated equating the DOJ, AG Bonita, and the civil code to be – nothing

    1. Horton, I’m truly sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds incredibly stressful and unfair. Given the severity of your circumstances with an illegal eviction and loss of belongings, it’s crucial to seek legal assistance immediately. Contact a tenant’s rights lawyer or a local legal aid organization specializing in housing issues. They can help you navigate your legal options, possibly including suing for wrongful eviction and compensation for your losses. Document everything, as this will be vital for your case.

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