1. I need help. Landlord not addressing the situation. He keep sayin he will speak to him. He does tenant downstairs stop for 2 months and continue to harass us. Been going on for 2 years. And yesterday he broke camera me n ppl in basement bought for our safety

    1. Hey Anthony,

      That sounds like an incredibly distressing situation. Safety should always be a priority, and if you feel threatened or harassed, it’s essential to take immediate action. If the landlord isn’t responsive, you might want to consider the following steps:

      Document Everything: Keep records of all interactions with the harassing tenant. This includes dates, times, descriptions of incidents, and any communication (texts, emails, voice recordings). Also, store a backup of the footage from the broken camera, if accessible, as it might serve as evidence.

      Police Involvement: If you believe your safety is at risk, don’t hesitate to contact the NYPD. They can provide guidance on whether the situation warrants a restraining order or other legal actions.

      Legal Counsel: Consider consulting with a tenant attorney or legal aid society in NYC. They can advise on potential legal remedies and steps to ensure your safety and rights are protected.

      Seek Support: Reach out to tenant advocacy groups or community organizations that might offer guidance, support, or resources for situations like yours.

      Alternative Housing: If your safety is at immediate risk and the situation isn’t being addressed, consider finding alternative housing or shelter until the issue is resolved.

      Remember, always prioritize your safety and well-being. I hope the situation gets resolved soon.

      1. I am going through a tenant harassment process for the first time. How to I seek a PRO-BONO attorney?Is a website or phone number I could call for help.

        1. Hey Marlon
          I’m sorry to hear that you are going through tenant harassment. Here’s how you can seek a pro bono attorney and get the help you need:

          Contact Legal Aid Societies:
          Legal Aid Society: You can reach them at (212) 577-3300 or visit their website.
          Legal Services NYC: Call them at (917) 661-4500 or check their website for more information.

          Visit Law School Clinics:
          Some law schools have clinics where law students, supervised by their professors, provide legal assistance. In NYC, you could check with:

          Columbia Law School Clinics
          NYU Law Clinics
          Fordham Law Clinics
          Use Online Legal Aid Directories:

          LawHelpNY: Offers a search tool for finding free legal aid in New York.
          Pro Bono Net: This is a national organization that can connect you with volunteer lawyers in New York.

          Contact Local Bar Associations:

          New York State Bar Association: Offers a lawyer referral service.
          New York City Bar Association: Provides a legal referral service where you can get a 30-minute consultation with an attorney for a fee.
          Here is the list of PPro bono lawers in New York City: https://rentalawareness.com/list-of-pro-bono-lawyers-nyc/

  2. I live in a new building where there is ABSOLUTLY NO INSTALATION WITHIN THE WALLS. You can hear almost everything that is going on within the apartments above you. There is this Asian man who lives directly above me. This man has a nasty habit of knocking and tapping on the floor/ceiling. There has been times I was sitting quietly on purpose with no sound of anything on. I actually heard this man’s body hit the floor, and he would aggressively knock on the floor/ceiling. Another time I am sitting at my desk, and all of a sudden I am hearing a chair being dragged on the floor along with stomping. This man has been doing this for over 6 months. I have called and writing email complaints each time. Just last night into this morning @ 12:00 this same tenant is laying on the floor knocking extremely hard. He walks to listen to knocking or tapping. I have witnessed this over the pass few months on purpose, for an understanding of why this Asian Man deliberately feels the need to harass and torment me on a daily basis. The landlord suggested to record him. I did that, but for some reason they cannot hear the recordings I have sent to them.
    Please advise

    1. Hey Ms. Daye,

      It sounds like you’re dealing with a really challenging and frustrating situation. Since you’ve already tried communicating with your landlord and documenting the incidents without success, it might be time to explore further options. Consider reaching out to a tenant advocacy group for advice and support. They can offer guidance on how to effectively communicate with your landlord or even mediate the situation. Additionally, you might want to look into noise-canceling solutions or additional soundproofing for your apartment to mitigate the impact of the noise.

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