1. Anne Crandall says:

    Im wondering if this informtion is up to date for Multnomah county in Oregon?

  2. Zinziswa Menze says:

    I have a question/query about this key management,if for instance a certain tenant doesn’t have a car,but is given a tag for both gates and another tenant without a car aswell is not given both. What could be the reason? If for instance one of the tenant gets or has a girlfriend who has a car and feels they want to use the premises for keeping her car safe but was given one key tag what steps must be followed?

    1. Hi Zinziswa,

      It sounds like the difference in gate tags given to tenants might be due to specific rules or just an oversight. If you now need an extra tag because of your girlfriend’s car, the best approach is to have a chat with your landlord or property manager. Explain the situation and ask if it’s possible to get another tag for the gate. They should be able to guide you on what steps to take next, which might include a small update to your lease or possibly a minor fee. Always good to check your lease first for any details about this. Hope you get that extra tag soon for peace of mind!

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