1. Catherine Hughes says:

    Here is a housefire in my building, and all the tenants were toned to had to move out because the police said it’s not safe you can’t stay here on inhabitable, so I took some things out of there, and some of us are staying in a hotel because of the fire and the smoke Fumes but my apartment is it’s not burnt and only has a smell. He says he’s trying to find me a unit and he says units are available but section 8 won’t do anything without a fire report. How long do I have to wait for that?

    1. Hey Catherine Hughes
      If your apartment is affected by a fire making it uninhabitable, but not directly damaged, it’s crucial for your landlord to act swiftly to provide alternative housing or find you a new unit, especially if you’re on Section 8. The timeframe for obtaining a fire report can vary, but your landlord should actively communicate with local authorities and Section 8 to expedite the process. In Massachusetts, landlords are generally expected to provide temporary housing under such circumstances until your apartment is deemed safe for return or a new unit is secured. Stay in close communication with your landlord and Section 8 for updates and assistance.

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