1. Amber Coarsey says:

    For the first two years here in FL I had no heat. Ok, you say it’s not that cold, yes it is! No insulation in the floors make walking barefoot miserable. How about a toilet the rocks off the wax seal and causes the house to smell like poop:::gag:::. Here’s the winning est top two. The kitchen sink is falling through because the faucet needed repairs and they knew it. I had a pliers to turn water on and off until I replaced the faucet myself. He had been shown the damages the leaking was causing, including rotten mold under the sink and the counters degenerate and the sink is now wanting to fall in. But here the clincher: rotten floors where there are three inch holes by front and back door that go down to the dirt!! The LANDLORD knew about the rot and unstableness from the termites he HAD tented in the very beginning. Everyone that has ever gone under the house freaks because it’s standing on 2×4′ standing on bricks to hold the house up . The house leans due to this. I’ve lived here seven years and now the remedy they have come up with is to push me out without ANY compensation. BS on keys for cash, asking two days before the rent is due for me to move out and a ‘refund’ part of my last months rent and security deposit. I’m disabled on top of it all.

    1. Amber, it sounds like you’re dealing with some severe and unacceptable living conditions. In Florida, landlords are required to maintain their properties in a habitable condition. Given the issues you’ve described, like lack of heat, plumbing problems, and structural damage, you should consider seeking legal assistance immediately. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and potentially take action to ensure your landlord makes necessary repairs or provides compensation. Florida Legal Aid might be a good starting point for finding affordable legal advice.

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