1. My landlord wants to move new tenants in ontop of me because I did not pay rent for 5 months. Please I need help. I am willing to move out end of month.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your situation, Shirley. If you haven’t paid rent for several months, it’s understandable that your landlord may want to find new tenants. It’s important to communicate with your landlord and discuss your willingness to move out by the end of the month. You could also inquire about any possible options for resolving the unpaid rent, such as setting up a payment plan or seeking financial assistance.

  2. Hi.
    What happens if i moved out of the house and Landlord wants me to fix stuff that was there before i moved in, but i do not have photos,

    And i spended alot of money out of my own pocket on house,

    I did the sprinkler system. Repainted the house and fixed leaking roof. I also moved out a month earlier but i did say i would stay my month notice and still pay, but they said it is fine i can move out, ut now they complain. And i fixed stuff they showed me and now they send me new stuff again

  3. Hey Marius
    If you’ve made improvements and repairs during your tenancy and are now facing demands for fixes on pre-existing issues without proof, it’s essential to communicate and negotiate. Without photographic evidence of the property’s condition before moving in, resolving disputes can be challenging. Highlight the investments you’ve made in the property and any agreements or acknowledgments from the landlord regarding moving out early or the repairs needed. If disputes persist, consider mediation or legal advice to understand your rights and options. Always document communications and seek to resolve issues amicably, focusing on the contributions you’ve made to the property’s upkeep.

  4. Trudi Maritz says:

    Good evening, I’ve rented a vacation property for my daughter, when they arrived there was no inventory done when they arrived and no inventory was done when they booked out Now I received a invoice for an x amount to be paid on top of the R1500 damaged dep that was paid in advance as required. What stand me to do now? Thank you

    1. Good evening, Trudi. It’s quite tricky dealing with charges for damages without an initial and final inventory check to document the property’s condition. Without this documentation, it’s challenging to prove whether any damage occurred during your daughter’s stay. I recommend discussing this issue directly with the landlord or property manager, requesting detailed evidence of the damages claimed. It may also be helpful to review any rental agreement terms related to damage claims and deposits. If the situation doesn’t resolve amicably, consider seeking legal advice or mediation to understand your rights and next steps better.

  5. Rebecca Ballance says:

    hi my property that i am living is taken care of by a “caretaker” and she implements rules that are not in the lease and are being implemented, and they are ridiculous rules please help

    1. Hi Rebecca, dealing with a caretaker imposing rules not outlined in your lease can be frustrating. It’s essential to reference your lease agreement first, as any rules or changes to your living conditions should be based on what’s explicitly stated there. Communicate your concerns in writing to the caretaker, highlighting the lease clauses that contradict these new rules. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the property owner or a legal advisor familiar with rental laws in your area for further guidance.

  6. What if the area is not as safe as advertised and extra costs have to be incurred by the tenant to protect themselves.

    1. Hey Sherri, it’s disappointing to hear that the area isn’t as safe as you were led to believe, resulting in additional costs for your security. Generally, landlords should accurately represent their property, including the safety of the area. You might want to discuss these concerns directly with your landlord to see if there’s a possibility for increased security measures at their expense or negotiate some form of compensation.

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