1. I really do not know what was happening a lady told us she owned property then another lady comes along g and is made administrator and now were facing sherriff lockout

    1. Hey Lori, facing a sheriff lockout is undoubtedly challenging, especially with the confusion around property ownership. It’s crucial to take immediate action. Firstly, consult with a legal professional who specializes in tenant rights to understand your options and potentially contest the lockout. They can help clarify the ownership situation and advise on any legal grounds you may have to stay the lockout, such as filing a stay of eviction with the court. Additionally, communicate with the administrator to seek clarification and possibly negotiate an extension or resolution. Legal assistance is key in navigating this complex situation effectively.

  2. Brenda Courtney says:

    I received a eviction notice.. I’ve lived here 4 years and never missed rent. After a 2nd fire being right nextdoor loosing some items we were nt sure as to how we could get paid for the damages which caused friction. I decided to pay the rent and gave $500 extra totalling $1500. The manager accepted and when the next rent was due he wouldn’t accept it. 3 months of offering the rent to no avail I put all the money away and continue to have it in my possession. The next thing I know I get the eviction notice. Please help. Thank you Brenda Courtney

    1. Brenda, it sounds like you’re in a tough situation, but you’re taking the right steps by saving your rent money and seeking help. Since you’ve consistently offered rent and faced unusual circumstances with the fires and damages, you should definitely consult with a legal professional specializing in tenant rights immediately. They can provide guidance on how to formally contest the eviction notice and possibly negotiate with your landlord or the property manager. Documenting all your attempts to pay rent, along with any communication about the fire damages, will be crucial in your defense. Legal aid organizations may also offer assistance if you’re concerned about the cost of hiring a lawyer. Stay proactive and informed about your rights to navigate through this challenging time.

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