1. Steve Sykes says:

    Why is it not a legal requirement for Portsmouth City Council to have an HMO licence? Do they not have to provide the same safety requirements to their tenants?
    Are they not responsible Landlords?
    My flat is on the First Floor and does not have 3 Floors so I should be exempt?

    1. hey Steve Sykes
      In Portsmouth, as in other parts of the UK, the requirement for an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) licence is based on specific criteria set by local councils within the framework of national regulations. While Portsmouth City Council, like all councils, must ensure safety and compliance with housing standards, the need for an HMO licence depends on factors such as the number of tenants, the layout of the property, and the type of tenancy. Properties not meeting the specific criteria for an HMO, such as those not having three or more floors or not housing a certain number of tenants from different households, might indeed be exempt from the need for an HMO licence. However, all landlords, including councils, are responsible for ensuring their properties meet safety requirements and provide a safe environment for tenants. It’s advisable to check directly with Portsmouth City Council for specific guidance related to your property.

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