1. Jenny Mehrtens says:

    I am homeless and was given permission to stay here on this private property in mY horse trailer next to my horses. My husband just passed away and I am handling his affairs. No lease or contract was ever written up and both the land owner who I spoke with and the so called landlord had no issue with it in fact the landlord had his worker help me move some stuff here. One day they decide they don’t like my boyfriend who is a genome scientist socially awkward but a nice person because he drove 10 miles an hour instead of 5. His first time here so he didn’t know. Since then the other tenants on the property and in the neighborhood surrounding have been harrassing me, filing false claims, lying about my character and my boyfriends character to everyone, yelling in our faces, circling my trailer, stealing and walking through my outside things and my horses hay. Turning the water off for my horses. Breaking into my truck or trying to. I hit the panic button. Sitting outside my trailer. Sitting in their cars and watching me for hours driving by in gold carts. I’m on a dirt road so they spin their tires and throw rocks up on my trailer and truck. Make it uncomfortable for me to use the shower or the laundry and the fridge. No electricity in the trailer. It’s become very uncomfortable.. as I said before I am homeless and handling my husband’s affairs as he has passed. I’ve explained my situation to the owner of rhe land. It isn’t my intention to stay but with no money or a place to go its not that easy to leave. But I am working on it and plan to stick to my word. But still the harrassing persists. I’ve called the police who say it’s a civil matter. They have been out 3 times. I’ve filed an online complaint as well. Here’s the kicker. The landlord not the owner of the land is the instigator who gets everyone who lives here on the property goingbincluding the neighborhood that surrounds the property. It takes time to leave and find a place that takes horses and 2 cats and a single 54 year old woman who has just lost her husband. I’ve tried most outlets for help with no success and I was wrongfully terminated from my job shortly after hand surgery from degenerative arthritis and that has added to the difficulties. No unemployment no spousal survivorsbins because I don’t have thr money for the notary or the fees to get my spousal ins. I’m stuck. A middle class mom who had a house built with her husband not 2 miles from here that raised 3 sons who turnedbout pretty good in my opinion. I ran my own child care business here in the city of Corona for many years andnsomebofbthe parents are very reputable citizens of Corona. I ask you? How does a woman like me endnup in such a way and better yet, why does everyone treat me so badly? I think I’m great and I’m nice and kind and sympathetic and open minded. Okay I’ll stop. But you get what I mean. What has happened that I can’t get any help from my country or family having been born in Van Nuys CA and lived in SoCal all NY life and my government has billions to just give away to other countries and bad presidents and their family? I thank you for your time and I would love for NY story to be heard. I am certain I am not the only o n e and maybe this night help someone else especially if there is a resolution to MY despair. Sincerely Jenny Mehrtens Corona/Norco, CA

    P.s. sorry for all the typos. Remember my dissability??? I can’t do every day things and my doctors won’t sign a medical note for me to claim disability because they don’t want to lose THEIR JOB!! BUT ITS OKAY FOR ME THE LITTLE GAL TO LOSE EVERYTHING!

    1. Hi Jenny,

      I’m so sorry to hear about the challenging circumstances you’re going through, especially after the loss of your husband. No one should have to face such hardships, especially when grieving. The harassment you’re experiencing sounds unacceptable and stressful.

      I can provide some general suggestions here. It’s crucial to keep documenting any incidents or harassment from the other tenants and the landlord. If you have any evidence, like photos or videos, make sure to keep them safe and backed up. Since the police mentioned it’s a civil matter, it might be helpful to consult with a local attorney or a legal aid clinic to understand your rights and options better.

      Additionally, consider reaching out to local shelters, organizations, or advocacy groups in Corona/Norco that assist with housing and homelessness. They may have resources or suggestions that can help you navigate your situation.

      Finally, if you believe your rights as a person with a disability are being violated, you might want to contact the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing to discuss your situation.

      I genuinely hope things improve for you soon, and that you find the support you need.

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