1. Rick Messer says:

    I have a new neighbor that bought a home across from me, this person lived in the home about two months then rented the house out to four college boys. The yard is now overgrown and not kept. I suspect that the maximum loan was obtained for an owner occupied house, and that she probably still has homeowners insurance instead of landlord insurance. I don’t mean to be a busy body, but myself and other neighbors maintain and take care of our property and expect this person to do the same. Is there a way to find out who has the insurance on a property and who holds the mortgage? Thank you

    1. Rick, it’s understandable to be concerned about neighborhood upkeep. However, information about a property’s insurance policy and mortgage details are private and not publicly accessible due to privacy laws. Your best course of action might be to address the issue directly with your neighbor in a friendly manner, or if applicable, report the overgrown yard to your local homeowners association or municipal code enforcement. They can enforce local ordinances related to property maintenance.

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