1. Cynthia shaffer says:

    This was definitely something I needed to know. But my question is, I’ve lived with my three children in my mother’s house for 6 years now and she has written out just last year that she didn’t want me to pay anything to her she just wanted me and the kids to continue doing what I’m doing. ( being here and being a mom) mind you I’ve never signed a lease or anything with her. I’ve always offered her money to help with bills and even let her claim my children on her taxes so the extra money could be used for bills. Now she is trying to kick me out because I had my fiancé here tonight and she said I can’t have company. Why all of a sudden she says I’m not allowed to have anyone here at all and she still will not accept any kind of help from me for the bills. I don’t throwers party’s here nor do I ever cause and damages or anything. I just need to know what do I do? I’ve not hurt her in any way, nor have I ever damaged the house. She won’t accept and hasn’t for 6 years ever accepted anything I’ve offered her for help with the bills and now out of nowhere I’m being evicted with three children and nowhere to go

    1. Hey Cynthia,

      I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds tough, especially with kids involved. Even without a written lease, you might still have some rights. Often, if you’ve been living somewhere for a while, you’re considered a ‘month-to-month’ tenant, which could mean you’re entitled to a notice before any eviction. Your mother can’t just ask you to leave immediately without following proper legal procedures. It might be a good idea to chat with a local attorney who knows the ins and outs of tenant laws in your area. They can give you specific advice. Meanwhile, maybe start thinking about other places you and your kids could stay, just as a backup. And hang onto any written communication between you and your mom about your living arrangement; it could be useful. Stay strong and remember there are local resources and organizations that might be able to help you out during this time. Take care!

  2. My husband and I plus our 3 kids have rented from our landlord for 3 yrs now without a single problem. The house is very old and they aren’t the best at helping us take care of issues but we’ve managed to look past it. 2 weeks ago the landlord randomly sent their son over to fix a leaking pipe under the house (which we had no idea about) he was very aggressive, argumentative towards my husband and told us we should have been taking care of this problem. My husband disagreed, the son called our landlord and the landlord showed up 10 minutes later telling us we now have 30 days to leave or pay $500 more a month for “talking to her son like that” (a grown man who is older than we are). I calmly tried to deescalate the situation and told her we would have it fixed in 2 weeks and she agreed. We got it all fixed and now is time to pay rent, for which now she is ignoring us about when we should bring the payment to her. What should we do? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristen,

      In your situation, it’s important to protect your rights. Your landlord can’t just increase the rent or demand eviction without proper legal process, especially if you have a lease. Here’s what you could do:

      Document Everything: Keep a record of all interactions with the landlord and the repair incident.
      Continue to Set Aside Rent: Keep the rent money ready to show you’re willing to pay.
      Send a Written Notice: Write to your landlord stating your attempt to pay rent and ask for directions on how to proceed.
      Seek Legal Advice: It might be wise to consult with a tenant’s rights lawyer for guidance.

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