1. Christy Parker says:

    My thermostat is behind a locked box and I wasn’t given a key. It only controls my apartment and is cold at 20°C. I pay rent on time, so that’s not an issue, and the landlady gave no real reason as to Y she locked it up and won’t give a key, and being on a fixed income I can’t afford the forms for the ltb to file against her. I would have to short myself on rent just to be able to file, be able to afford transportation to and from 2 other cities for legal aid as well as court, and end up homeless instead of having the issue resolved because of not having enough for rent the entire time it’s going on, as they would expect multiple trips for court and legal purposes, and my money is gone the same day I get it to rent, bills and bank fees leaving me with nothing at all for survival. Shorting on rent here, means instant eviction. Don’t matter what season it is. Non-payment of rent (or even a partial payment) is grounds for immediate eviction with my landlady.

    It’s also very cold in the bathroom, even a small space heater on high (as well as on a shelf to help the heat when walking past to the toilet) doesn’t help much or at all. Can’t afford a comforter, or warmer blanket, and even wearing clothing under a sheet is not helpful at all. I’ve asked the landlady to turn up the heat when they were here last, but apparently she didn’t have that key on her (wouldn’t u have it on ur keyring along with all other keys needed? Like the water tank room for example?) when I asked, and she’s been back several times and each time has “forgotten” the key.

    Wish I was able to afford better, but I can’t.

    1. Hey Christy, it sounds like you’re in a really tough situation with your heating. Since you’re dealing with a locked thermostat and facing cold temperatures without a clear solution from your landlady, it might be helpful to explore some community resources or assistance programs in your area that could support you with heating needs or legal advice at no cost. In Ontario, there are services like the Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) that offer free legal information, and you might also qualify for emergency assistance through local social services for your heating issues. It’s crucial to stay warm and safe, especially during the cold months. Please consider reaching out to these resources or a local tenants’ association for advice on your rights and potential support options. Stay safe and take care.

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