1. Francina Eley says:

    I’ve read the rental awareness. But my best friend is still being discriminated against from realtors & landlords. Everytime she speaks to someone trying to schedule a view of the property and she asks if the accept section 8 vouchers the reply they are not setup to accept her vouchers and before she can say anything else the have disconnected the call. She is leaving in an unsafe home due to her landlord refusing to due any repairs that he is required to do. Due to him felling his part of her housing inspection so housing informed the landlord that they are no longer going to pay him. And they informed my bff that she has to find another home if she wants to keep her vouchers.!Sue has been looking for a couple of months now and she is being denied at every place she tried to rent. And housing has told her that if she don’t find a place in the next 30 days she could loose her vouchers. And that’s not right and her case worker is no help to her what so ever. So here are these laws that are not being enforced an her family may be added to the homeless count out here in Pierce County!!!

    1. Hey Francina, it sounds like your friend is facing significant challenges with Section 8 housing discrimination in Pierce County, despite laws designed to prevent such issues. It’s crucial for her to document all instances of potential discrimination, including dates, times, names, and details of conversations where she’s been refused based on her voucher. She should consider contacting a local legal aid organization specializing in housing rights for assistance. They can offer guidance, support her in communicating with her housing authority, and potentially help address the discrimination she’s facing. Additionally, reporting these incidents to the Washington State Human Rights Commission might be a necessary step to ensure these laws are enforced, and her rights are protected. Encourage her to keep diligently searching and to explore all possible resources, including non-profit organizations that assist Section 8 voucher holders in finding suitable housing.

      1. This is happening everywhere. I’ve heard this same story over and over. I myself do not feel safe in my current rental. I cannot find any landlord to accept my voucher. I am very new to the program. I have been renting for over 20 yrs of my life. Was on the waitlist for 8 yrs for housing. No evictions, no criminal history. Just a working single mother. And stuck in a place I no longer want my kids to live. I cry nearly daily wanting to move. And as soon as landlords hear “voucher”, they just move on. Legal aid is backed up months and months. My neighbor just moved out with her 2 kids. They are now in their car. She is nurse. And she cannot afford the high rent. Working families are being high discriminated against and pushed out. I don’t want my kids living where I worked to get out of!

        1. CJ, I’m deeply sorry to hear about the struggles you’re facing with your Section 8 voucher and the current housing situation. It’s incredibly tough, especially as a working single mother trying to provide a safe environment for your kids. The discrimination you’re experiencing is unfair and disheartening. It’s important not to lose hope. Keep reaching out to housing advocacy groups and non-profit organizations that support Section 8 voucher holders. They can sometimes offer direct assistance or guide you to landlords who are willing to accept vouchers. Also, consider reaching out to your local government representatives to share your story. They need to hear firsthand about the challenges families like yours are facing. Your strength and perseverance are admirable, and you deserve a safe and stable home for you and your children. Keep advocating for yourself and exploring all possible resources.

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