1. Would like to know more about the claim below
    “In some areas, municipalities provide garbage collection services to residents as part of the basic services covered by property tax.

    This means that landlords are not allowed to charge tenants separately for garbage collection.

    Is there any additional reference that can support this claim? Thanks!

    1. BJ, the claim that in some areas municipalities include garbage collection as part of the services covered by property tax is indeed a common practice. When this is the case, landlords typically incorporate the cost of these services into the overall rent, rather than charging tenants separately. However, the specifics can vary based on local regulations and the terms of the lease agreement. It’s essential to check with your local municipality or consult the lease to understand how garbage collection fees are handled in your area. If you’re unsure or have concerns about being charged separately for garbage collection, it might be helpful to seek clarification from your landlord or a legal advisor familiar with local housing laws.

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