1. Mary Coughlin says:

    Nothing is said about the wear and tear on the apartment with a number of occupants that exceeds the limits. Plus, if there are more people, they are essentially paying lower rent. I have a 2 bedroom apartment with an unknown number of occupants who moved in during the pandemic and never moved out. They also generate a large amount of garbage and take up an excessive amount of parking spaces.

    1. Hello Mary.
      Your concerns about the increased wear and tear, lower effective rent per person, and issues with garbage and parking due to the high number of occupants are understandable. It’s important to refer to your lease agreement for guidelines on occupancy limits and tenant responsibilities. If the situation violates the lease, discussing these concerns with your tenants is a good next step. For future leases, clearly specifying rules about occupancy, garbage disposal, and parking can help prevent similar issues.

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