1. Help, help, help: near 2 months on the market and no suitable tenants. Those applying have bad credit and/or unreliable income, despite great interest. I worry about being able to pay my bills.

    1. Hello Eric,

      I understand your frustration and concern about the challenges you’re facing in finding suitable tenants for your property. It’s a common issue many landlords encounter, especially in a competitive market. Here are some strategies you might consider to attract more qualified tenants:

      Enhance Your Listing: Make sure your rental listing is appealing and accurately represents the property. High-quality photos, a detailed description of the property, and highlighting unique features or amenities can attract more interest.

      Adjust Rental Criteria: Review your rental criteria to ensure they are not too restrictive. While maintaining standards is important, there might be room for flexibility without compromising on quality.

      Expand Advertising: Broaden your advertising to reach a wider audience. Utilize online rental platforms, social media, and local community boards. Word-of-mouth can also be a powerful tool, so let friends, family, and current tenants know the property is available.

      Offer Incentives: Consider offering incentives like a reduced first month’s rent, a referral bonus for current tenants, or including utilities or internet service in the rent.

      Screening Process: While it’s crucial to screen for creditworthiness, remember that credit scores don’t always tell the whole story. If a potential tenant has a lower credit score, consider other factors like steady employment, income stability, and past rental history.

      Work with a Real Estate Agent: If you haven’t already, you might consider working with a real estate agent who specializes in rentals. They can help market your property more effectively and pre-screen tenants.

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